Rawlings – Official Uniform/Performance Apparel Provider of the NCBA

The leagues of CollClubSports are excited to announce that Rawlings Sporting Goods will continue on as a company sponsor through the year 2018.
Rawlings has extended its partnership as “The Official Uniform Supplier” and “The Official Performance Apparel Supplier” of CollClubSports” for four more years, and will continue to offer member teams high-quality uniforms and apparel at a discounted price. When teams order with Rawlings, they’ll receive up to 40% off of catalog pricing!



Additionally, Rawlings offers all NCBA, NCSA and NCFA member teams the chance to purchase high quality uniforms and apparel through their extensive catalog. Rawlings will include any official CollClubSports league (NCBA, NCSA or NCFA) logo/patch on the back neck of all jerseys, coats, and jackets sold to all CollClubSports teams. They will also feature the official league logo/patch Pants Patch above the right rear pocket of all team uniform pants!

“CollClubSports does an outstanding job of enhancing the educational experience of students by providing additional leadership and character building opportunities that would not be possible without their guidance,” said Mike Thompson, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Rawlings. “Rawlings is passionate about partnering with such a strong governing body to continue to give players an opportunity to take their education and game to the next level.”

CollClubSports Marketing Manager Eric Curitore has been working with Rawlings for the past five years, and has nothing but good things to say about their service or their product.  “We’re incredibly excited to continue building our relationship with Rawlings Sporting Goods,” said Curitore. “They have done nothing but provide high-quality uniforms to all of our leagues and teams at extremely cost-effective prices. We’re very fortunate to keep them on-board so we can continue that trend!”



For more information, to request a catalog or to place an order, contact Rawlings Sponsor Account Manager Paul Williams at Paul.Williams@CollClubSports.com or by phone at 412-321-8440 ext. 111.