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The NCBA is excited to announce that the Holiday Inn Johnstown-Downtwon will serve as the official host hotel for the 2019 NCBA DIII World Series.  Check out all the details of the partnership in the official press release.


The NCBA is excited to announce that they have reached an agreement with Johnstown, PA and Sargent’s Stadium at the Point to host the 2019 NCBA Division III World Series.  Read the official Press Release announcing the agreement here.

District IV Team Preview

The final day of previews leaves u with District IV.  This district should see a lot of competition as both of the division winners from last year return, Northern Michigan and World Series representative, Missouri S&T, look to hold onto their titles.  There are also a couple new faces to the district as Minnesota-Duluth joined the league and DePaul came down from D2.  As we head into the spring, Michigan Tech (5-1) leads the North, while Bradley (2-0) and Washington St. Louis (6-0) are tied atop the South.  If you want to see more details on these teams and the district be sure to check out the District IV Team Previews.  That will do it for the preview of Division III and are excited for baseball to resume this weekend.

District III Team Previews

Day 3 of 4 highlights the team previews for District III.  Last year’s District Winner, West Georgia, is back and looking to make another run to the World Series.  They will see plenty of new talent as District III welcomes 5 new teams to the conference.  Lander came down from DII, North Georgia is back in the league after taking a year off, and then we have 3 brand new teams in VMI, Wake Forest, and Georgia College all trying to make a name for themselves. This spring is going to be an action packed and competitive season for these teams and the NCBA cannot wait to see how things shape out.  Be sure to check out the District III Team Previews so you can learn all about these teams.  Tomorrow wraps up the previews for Division III as the District IV Team Previews will be released.

District II Team Previews

Day 2 of 4 features the team previews for District II.  Last year Adrian College took home not only the District II crown, but also the World Series title and are up in DII for this season.  This gives an opportunity for a new team within District II to rise to the World Series and follow in Adrian’s footsteps.  There is only one new team in this district, Hobart, who is a brand new team trying to compete for their division title.  As we near the start of the spring,  Edinboro (8-1) and Eastern Michigan (4-0), lead the East and West respectively.  With over half of their conference games remaining, anything can happen in the competitive District II.  Be sure to check out the District II Team Previews for some insight on these teams.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for District III Previews.

District I Team Previews

Day 1 of 4 is started off with team previews for District I.  After previous District I Winner and World Series runner up, New Hampshire, moved up to DII, the district is wide open for a new champion.  There are 4 new teams to the district this year, Colgate and La Salle both came down from DII, whereas Millersville and Marist are two brand new teams to the league. Heading into the spring season, Millersville (6-0) and Marist (2-1) lead the South and North respectively.  Both divisions are still up for grabs and should make for an exciting spring season.  Be sure to check out the District I Team Previews to find out how each team is looking heading into the spring.  Make sure to come back tomorrow for District II Previews.


If you weren’t able to tune in LIVE on August 22nd for the NCBA League Meeting, not to worry!  You can catch the full recorded version or you can opt to watch specific topics discussed such as a 2018: year in review, sponsors & fundraising, or 2019: what’s to come, by clicking HERE.


The updated rulebooks for the 2018-2019 NCBA Division III Season are below. Be sure to download a copy and print them off to bring with you to every game.

NCBA DIII Rulebook with Highlighted Changes for 18-19 Season. CLICK HERE

NCBA DIII Rulebook without highlights. CLICK HERE