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New Balance – Official Footwear Provider of the NCBA

The NCBA is excited to announce that New Balance is now the Official Footwear Provider of the NCBA! All NCBA teams receive 30% off all New Balance footwear, which covers cleats, turfs and athletic shoes.  Click Here to check out the store!

New Balance – Official Footwear Provider of the NCBA

Pittsburgh, PA – It is with great excitement that the National Club Baseball and Softball Associations announce that NEW BALANCE is now the official footwear provider for their leagues. Each player in either association can take advantage of the discounts and deals that only the NCSA & NCBA can provide.

New Balance was founded back in 1906 and started out as a simple company that manufactured arch supports in the Boston area. The company soon moved in to making customizable shoes specifically for runners. This vision of innovation has served New Balance well as they now are an international corporation with factories and distributions all over the world.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have New Balance as the official footwear sponsor of the NCBA and NCSA” says Alex Kane, New Balance Sponsor Account Manager. “New Balance makes quality cleats and footwear at an already affordable price, and now our athletes will be able to receive an even greater discount with them as the official footwear sponsor. Having played in the NCBA for three years, I know what it’s like to be on an entirely self-funded team. By adding New Balance as the official footwear sponsor of the NCBA and NCSA this will help decrease the out-of-pocket cost for many of our student-athletes!”

The NCSA & NCBA are looking forward to offering some exclusive prices to their players. This includes 30% off all cleats and a dedicated online stores where orders can be placed. Teams can choose from a wide variety of footwear: from cleats, to turf shoes, to trainers. In addition, should teams wish to make an order of 10 or more items, they are encouraged to contact Alex Kane, as he would be able to save teams more money through a bulk order.

NCBA store: Click Here

For questions about orders, contact Alex Kane at: (412) 321-8440 extension 105

New Balance

Official Footwear Provider of the NCBA

New Balance is offering 30% off ALL cleats, turf shoes & everyday running/athletic shoes to ALL NCBA member teams. Check out the online store through the link below. Contact Alex @ the NCBA with any questions! or 412-321-8440 x105

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Official Rental Car of the NCBA

The National Club Baseball Association is excited to be partnering with Avis as the official car rental provider of the National Club Baseball Association. All teams will receive discounted pricing on all their vehicles. Avis will also waive all underage fees. Contact Alex @ the NCBA with any questions! or 412-321-8440 x105

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The Official Uniform/Apparel, Equipment & Baseball Provider of the NCBA

All NCBA teams can receive AT LEAST 35% off all uniforms & apparel through Rawlings. All uniforms & apparel are fully customizable to cater to any schools team names, logo’s or players name or number. NCBA teams can also order additional game or practice softballs at exclusive pricing. Teams interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should contact Paul Williams at the NCBA! or at 412-321-8440 x111.

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DeMarini / Louisville Slugger

Official Baseball Bat Provider of the NCBA

The National Club Baseball Association is excited to have DeMarini & Louisville Slugger on board to provide the official bat of the NCBA. All NCBA teams will receive exclusive pricing on ALL bat orders. Contact Joe @ the NCBA for a price quote today! or 412-321-8440 x106

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Official Headwear Provider of the NCBA

The National Club Baseball Association is excited to be partnering with The Game as the Official Headwear Provider of the NCBA. All NCBA teams can purchase all of The Game’s products at exclusive pricing – everything from baseball caps, to visors to beanies. All products will feature the NCBA logo and can be fully customized. Contact Felicia @ the NCBA to learn more! or 412-321-8440 x107

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Official Fundraising Platform of the NCBA

NCBA teams have the opportunity to create a free online campaign to begin accepting donations instantaneously. Teams will create a front page detailing who they are with pictures and other important info surrounding their team. From there they can share the page all over social media to reach potential donors. Contact Tracy with the NCBA to learn more! or at 412-321-8440 x109

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Motel 6

Official Lodging Partner of the NCBA

Motel 6 features more than 1,200 locations across the United States. Not only will NCBA teams have many options at their disposal, Motel 6 will also discount their rates by 10% to all NCBA teams! Contact Alex @ the NCBA with any questions! or 412-321-8440 x105

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Avis – Official Rental Car of the NCBA

We are pleased to announce the selection of Avis® as the Exclusive supplier for business related car rentals. Effective March 1 2017, travelers are strongly encouraged to select Avis for your car rental needs. CollClubSports, has negotiated low rates (which include LDW coverage) and outstanding personalized services for you with Avis. Please select Avis for your car rental needs whenever possible.

If you are not already an Avis Preferred member, follow these 3 simple steps to get started.  


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For more information contact CollClubSports Travel Sponsor Account Manager – Alex Kane

412-321-8440 X 105



Avis will match your car rental status.  Enroll in Avis Preferred and email Joyce Sowers with proof of your past rental status.

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